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  3. What signals are released when the internal joints of wechat ecology and video number products are connected?

    2020-10-17 07:46:05 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 15

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    Since January, when WeChat invited some users to launch the on-line video official account, the video Number team has been updating and polishing the details of the products. It has been linked with the public numbers from the front page of the video number to the link and opened the small store to the broadcast function. Especially during the national day and autumn double festival, it has been upgrading and improving all the details functions, and the internal environment of the WeChat eco products has been upgraded frequently, and the WeChat has been upgrading its products. What kind of signal is released by the exchange of functions and highlighting the powerful functions?

    Some of the owners who have opened the video number operation know it well in the process of fighting strange things along with the upgrading of the video number. They don't say anything. As the operation administrator of Aowei brand video number, they have deep feelings all the way since they were invited to open the internal test function. However, some registered wechat users who have not yet opened the internal test function do not know how to operate the video number How to play, we will wait and see! The following is a summary of the recent learning practice of Aowei sports video Number administrator, and a detailed explanation of the recent upgrade and opening of some functions of the video number is listed:

    On October 14, 2020, we received a notice from wechat team:

    "Dear users,

    You have obtained the qualification of internal test of live video number with goods.

    In "discovery" - > "video Number", tap "character portrait" in the upper right corner, and then click the author's portrait - > "..." - > "my shop" to create or associate a small store.

    After that, you can launch the live broadcast and add products in the live broadcast (for operation guide, click for details https://kf.qq.com/touch/faq/201013FzQ3U7201013NNVJBR.html?platform=14 )?!?br/>

    [video number operation suggestions] for opening video Number internal test qualification:

    1. How to associate a small store: search the [small store assistant] applet, click [free shop], select [enterprise individual or individual], fill in and submit relevant information and qualification certificate according to the guidelines, complete the opening task, and then successfully open the shop.
      Open the official website of wechat store in the computer browser https://shop.weixin.qq.com (copy link) use the micro signal scanning code of the registered small store to log in

    2. Release more than 1 minute video: wechat updates to IOS 7.0.17 can release video dynamics within 30 minutes. Currently, it only supports mobile phone publishing, and cannot be released through video Number assistant.

    3. Video Number assistant: personal test, through the PC computer side small assistant to release video higher definition, at present, the data center has been opened. Link: https://channels.weixin.qq.com/login/login

    4. Live broadcast of video number (in internal test): if it is grayscale, the live button is set on the right side of [publish new news].

    5. insert the video card of the official account. The official account editor will see the video number on the upper right corner, search for the video and insert the video number.

      If not mentioned, please contact Aowei sports video Number administrator to add; wechat: 18136219694.

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    Scan QR code, pay attention to Aowei video NumberSportswear (decoration)

    Scanning two-dimensional code, focusing on Olympic official account