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  3. Notes on the final negotiation between the supplier and the supplier of pilling and pilling of "strong fashion" fabrics in Guangzhou

    2020-05-03 14:35:23 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 31

    Sportswear (decoration)

             (picture 1 of negotiation processing result)

    Sportswear (decoration)

            (picture 2 of negotiation processing results)

    From December 6 to 11, 2018, Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the demander) has twice ordered a batch of a5002 white knitted fabric named polyester brushed for making autumn and winter coats, 420 square grams in weight and 160 cm in width, from No. 1013, block D, the first floor of Guangzhou Zhongda International Light Textile City (hereinafter referred to as the supplier) Is: RMB xxxx.00, in words: RMB x thousand x hundred x ten only. (the same color card fabric purchased before is tested to be non pilling and non pilling).

            At the end of December 2018, the demander printed the pattern of the fabric in the digital printing factory, and the factory workers sewed the autumn and winter coats to supply the contracted customers. The customer complained to the supplier about the serious pilling and pilling of the fabric and provided several actual samples of the pilling and pilling clothes. The demander immediately fed back the situation to the fabric supplier and sent the pilling and pilling samples to the supplier Negotiation and confirmation of the bank; after the digital printing of new fabrics is re selected, the new fabrics are sewn into new clothes for the customers to try on, and the new fabrics are tested after the customers try on and wash for about a week, without pilling and pilling; the buyer promises to change the fabrics for the customers and become the customers again before stopping the complaint.

    Due to the close to the traditional Chinese festival Spring Festival holiday, the supplier and the demander agree to deal with it after the 2019 Spring Festival; after the Lantern Festival, the supplier and the demander have made contact with each other for many times to verify and confirm the fabric problems; they also provide detailed comparison between the pilling and pilling samples and the non pilling and non pilling samples; they are finally determined to be the customer complaints caused by the fabric problems; based on the core price of socialism in the new era On the principle of value dedication, honesty, friendliness and fairness, the supplier and the demander reach an agreement; that is, the supplier shall bear the comprehensive cost incurred by the pilling and pilling of the fabric for the batch of goods to the customer, totaling: RMB 6697.00, in words: six thousand six hundred ninety-seven yuan only; (the cost list has been sent to the supplier by wechat on the morning of March 14, 2019); the demander receives the supplier After the payment of, the buyer will use this cost as the purpose of purchasing fabrics from new customers and producing new clothes; after the buyer receives the payment from the supplier, the buyer will not have any reason to make any claim to the supplier for this fabric incident, and the handling result of this fabric accident is agreed by both parties!

             This evidence!

                           Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd

                                                        March 21, 2019

    Sportswear (decoration)

    (Exterior side of Guangzhou International Textile City)