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  3. Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd

    2020-05-03 14:43:08 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 11

    Sportswear (decoration)

            (picture 1 of Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd.)

    Sportswear (decoration)

        (picture 2 of Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd.)

    Luohu market supervision and Administration Bureau of Shenzhen market and quality supervision and Administration Commission:

           Shenzhen Aowei Clothing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shenzhen Aofeng Clothing Co., Ltd., was approved and changed by Shenzhen municipal market supervision administration on January 10, 2017. Its business scope: sports clothing, sporting goods, sports equipment series; since the company entered room 1102, Sungang building, Baogang Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen on January 1, 2009, it has been working in room 1102, The second company was not allowed to register. In recent years, four companies appeared in room 1102, including "Shenzhen Da Hui Teng Technology Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Hao Anji GUI Trading Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Sheng Wang Xu Information Consulting Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Nan Jing Trading Co., Ltd.", etc.; when these four companies registered at our office address, our company did not know or did not The above four companies are allowed to register and work in our company's office address; once from September to October 2011, there was a shameful thing that pretended to be the name of our original Aofeng Clothing Co., Ltd. and wildly published the ultra-low price sales information of cheap socks, cotton slippers, scarves, etc. on the Internet to cheat customers' down payment and down payment. Some cheated netizens on the Internet sent information to expose cheaters Ugly, Baidu knows ("Shenzhen Aofeng Clothing Co., Ltd. on huicong.com is a liar seller, please be careful, I was cheated by him for more than 1000 pieces!! What should I do? " Https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/332723828.html (the original title and link on the Internet are in parentheses); among them, "Shenzhen dafaiteng Technology Co., Ltd." has used the false registered company business license since its registration, and used the Internet everywhere to cheat and swindle, to cheat the deposit and advance payment of the unknown netizens Teng Technology Co., Ltd. "http://guba.eastmoney.com/news, gmxx, 104649767.html )After being cheated, all the people came to the door to find out the truth. The behavior of the cheater company has seriously affected the normal business order of our company, and caused immeasurable economic losses to our company's reputation. Our company has also timely reported to the police for handling. The Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, Luohu branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Sungang police station, etc. have all paid attention to the case. The above-mentioned companies use false notes In the form of register, it has been suspected of the crime of falsely registering and obtaining business license for illegal business operation. We sincerely request the relevant functional regulatory authorities to thoroughly investigate the criminal acts of the above-mentioned companies suspected of falsely registering and obtaining business license for illegal business operation.

    Again: room 1102 of Sungang building is the only brand sports clothing company legally registered by Shenzhen Aowei Clothing Co., Ltd., and the second company is not allowed to register.


    Legal Affairs Department of Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd
                                                        June 23, 2017