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  3. Aowei sports brand is invited by wechat team to open video Number

    2020-05-03 14:46:39 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 31

    Aowei sports brand is invited by wechat team to open video Number

    Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus in January 2020, the army and the people have made a breakthrough in the epidemic situation. After the state's efforts to encourage and support the resumption of production and production in all parts of the country, Shenzhen Olympic Garment Co., Ltd. has been fortunate enough to get WeChat videos in the near future when it feels the support of government policies and the donation of the urgent need for the disease prevention mask. No. 1 internal test qualification invitation permission.

    Sportswear (decoration)

    Dear user:

    You have obtained the inside qualification of wechat video number. Video number is a platform for you to record and create, as well as to know others. A window into the world.

    You can share your own videos and photos by tapping the top camera in "discovery" - > "video Number".

    May you have a pleasant experience of video number and see your unique self through it.

    Wechat team

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    The video number is located at the second position below the circle of friends in the discovery column of wechat function management page on the mobile phone end, which is the button entry of the video number. Click the text of the video number to enter the video number to browse the wonderful video.

    Through preliminary experience learning, it is understood that a micro signal can create a video signal, and it is recommended that enterprises or institutions use non private micro signals for opening. The official account of video signals is currently only two core functions of sending pictures and sending videos. The picture can send 9 high-definition personalized pictures and video playback time for 60 seconds. At the same time, videos can be pasted at the same time to send video sites and public numbers and hypertext links.

    Sportswear (decoration)

                  Aowei sportswear video Number

    The head image of video number can be personalized; the name of video number can only be modified twice a year, the profile of video number can be personalized and self modified, the QR code business card can be recommended to friends and saved in the album; the privacy setting column can be set with a blacklist, and the video number that you don't want to see can be pulled into the blacklist; the authentication function is divided into two types: individual and enterprise organization authentication.

           The internal test stage of wechat video number is basically positioned to record the real original ecological life scene, which is essentially different from a voice and a hand far away from the real life; currently, the registration of video Number supports some users to open channels and internal test invitations.

           The trial operation of the internal test of Aowei sports wear video number increases the infinite possibility for Aowei sports brand series products to display and realize their image in the mobile Internet ecosystem.
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    Wechat scan QR code, pay attention to Aowei video NumberSportswear (decoration)

        Wechat scan QR code focuses on Aowei micro signal