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  3. Sportswear brand Lorna Jane was fined 200000 yuan for illegal advertising related to the new coronavirus!

    2020-07-22 12:20:54 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 13

    Australian sportswear brand Lorna Jane has been fined nearly 40000 Australian dollars (about 200000 yuan) for illegal advertising related to the new coronavirus, according to French 24 website.
    Lorna Jane has launched a series of new clothes called "anti viral sportswear" on the company's website to promote its ability to resist infectious diseases, the Australian drug administration said in a statement on the 17th, suggesting it has a preventive effect on the new coronavirus.


    Photo source: AFP

    Australia's vice minister of health, Mr. skellett, said the advertisements could have a negative impact on the society, create a false sense of security and reduce people's vigilance to health problems and maintain social distance.
    Since then, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been redefined as "antibacterial", and the statement said it did not intend to publicize that it could completely protect the wearer, but "offered an additional protection, just like hand washing liquid", saying it was not trying to make use of people's worries about the new crown pneumonia to make huge profits.
    Original text transferred from: Sina Finance and Economics