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  3. Aowei sports brand is invited to enter Alibaba's "changhuotong" platform

    2020-09-05 14:59:41 Shenzhen Aowei Garment Co., Ltd 59

    Sportswear (decoration)

      Aowei Clothing Co., Ltd. Alibaba platform member center maintenance backstage

    Recently, Shenzhen Olympic sports brand was invited by Alibaba to enter the "factory goods" platform, which is a brand-new supply and management solution launched by 1688! By providing powerful intelligent commodity service capabilities, aggregating 1688, Taobao, Alibaba cloud, social organizations and other channels, we can help the factory achieve simpler and more deterministic sales!

             The opening of the "factory goods link" platform of Aowei clothing company has opened more sales channels and unlimited possibilities for the marketing of Aowei brand sportswear products.