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  3. Sportswear, high quality commodity price, Olympic black brocade cotton Roman high elastic women's sportswear

    Model: YDFZ, Model: ydfz, original price: 280 / piece, current standard: 220 yuan / piece, black knitting high elastic brocade cotton Rome cloth fitness sportswear; square gram weight: 380 square gram

    • Model: ydfz
    • Sportswear: Black Slim knit brocade cotton Roman talking about women's sportswear coat

    Sportswear (decoration)

    Model: YDFZ, Model: ydfz, original price: 280 / piece, current standard: 220 yuan / piece, black knitting high elastic brocade cotton Rome cloth fitness sportswear; square gram weight: 380 square gram thick four side elastic medium and high end fabric; specification: long sleeve front zipper coat; appearance: slim and straight, with no wrinkles; characteristics: soft, smooth and light; professional occasions: no fixed occasions to distinguish, most suitable for Fitness Club Male and female fitness coaches and amateur fitness students are mostly suitable for seasons: indoor fitness occasions in spring and autumn and winter; the qualified standard finished products are packed in single fold environmental transparent plastic bags; after unpacking, the first time you wear them, you should first wash the floating ash on the surface of the clothes and the fine harmful substances in the fabric to the skin, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry before wearing them; notes: you should wear them at ordinary times Try to avoid sharp or pricked objects, so as to avoid knitting fabric pulling, pilling or breaking, which may affect the overall structural quality of the clothing; after sales service: sell qualified clothing to ensure that the quality is up to standard, if there is a quality problem, the customer shall timely feedback the problem within seven days after the fact, there is no reason to change the package until the customer is satisfied! Price range to order how much flexible floating; personalized demand, brand quality words supply; welcome to consult and discuss win-win cooperation!

    Fabric knowledge: brocade cotton Roman fabric:

    Usually cotton yarn is added into nylon core spun yarn, which is a kind of knitted fabric.

    Brocade cotton Roman cloth is a kind of Roman cloth, weft knitted, double-sided large round machine made. It's also called Ponte de Roma, commonly known as Dachen cloth. Roman cloth is a cycle of four ways. The cloth surface is not flat with ordinary double-sided cloth. It's slightly slightly irregular. The fabric has better horizontal and vertical elasticity, but the horizontal tensile property is not as good as the double-sided fabric, with strong moisture absorption. It is used to make close fitting clothes, breathable, soft and comfortable.

    Weaving process:

    There are two kinds of weaving production on ordinary double-sided machine: ordinary Roman cloth and advanced Roman cloth. The weaving process is as follows:

    1. Arrangement of knitting needles - Knitting Roman cloth, knitting needles are arranged in the way of ordinary double rib (cotton wool). The first F and the second f are double rib weave (cotton wool weave); the third f is that the needle does not participate in the work, and all the needles in the barrel participate in the knitting; the fourth f is the barrel.

    2. Ordinary Roman tricot knitting needles do not take part in the work, and all the knitting needles of the needle plate participate in the knitting.

    3. Triangular arrangement of high-grade Roman fabrics: 1F and 2F weave double rib fabric; 3F and 4f do not work, while the cylinder needles are low bell and high bell respectively; 5F and 6F are not work, while the disk needles are high bell and low bell respectively.

    Sportswear (decoration)

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    Sportswear (decoration)

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