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  3. College Students' cross-country directional sports clothing, Aowei knitted mesh sports clothing

    Aowei digital printing spring and summer outdoor cross-country sports clothing (decoration), 140-145 grams of professional knitting small star point sports functional quick drying moisture absorption

    • Model: YDFZ
    • Sportswear: Cross country directional sportswear spring and summer knitting suit

          What is outdoor cross country running?

            The charm of cross country running!

    Aowei digital printing spring and summer outdoor cross-country sports clothing (decoration), model: yd2020 outdoor suit, specification: short sleeve 7-minute pants; material: 100% polyester fiber, 140-145g weight professional knitting small star point sports functional quick drying moisture absorption and perspiration sports fabric, can print various personalized high-definition heat transfer printing patterns, appearance characteristics: bright and firm color, strong three-dimensional sense, high quality Purpose: it is suitable for amateur and professional outdoor high-intensity sports and fitness activities; it can be produced and provided with separate men's and women's sizes: XS, s, m, XL, XXL, 3XL to 7XL; models: loose type, slim fit type and tight type; product usage: when wearing for the first time, you should wash your face with water or detergent The floating ash and dark matter on the surface of the material should be put in a ventilated place for natural drying after dehydration, and then be put on again; packaging: transparent and environmental protection plastic plastic bags are used to pack clothes; a large number of transportation process uses standard cartons to seal the box and then consign; precautions: wear as far as possible or avoid contact with sharp prickly objects, so as to avoid damage to the overall functionality of sportswear fabrics due to yarn drawing or breakage of knitted fabrics; after sales service: belongs to In terms of product quality problems, occasionally defective sportswear in random inspection, the company will make the first response, quick and unconditional package return, bag modification, never because of product quality and details of the company and product brand image; note: digital printing refers to the use of color digital printer on a variety of materials to directly print the patterns customers need; color, and digital heat transfer printing The printing pattern needs to be printed on special paper in advance, and then transferred to various materials by heat transfer printing, such as T-shirt, underwear, sportswear, etc.

    What is cross country running?
    Cross country running is a kind of running and walking on the trail in the wild natural environment. It is different from road running and field running in that the runners mainly run on hiking trails in the natural environment of the wild. They usually pass through the mountains and may have large ups and downs. "Cross country running" in Chinese usually refers to trail running, also known as "mountain track cross-country running" or "mountain running". In this kind of cross-country race, there are usually long-distance tracks of more than 40 km. At the same time, "cross country running" in Chinese can also be used to refer to cross country running, which is an IAAF event. Usually, the track is short, no more than 12 kilometers, and the rules are stricter than that of mountain track cross-country running.
    A medium to long distance race in the wild. It is not only an independent competition event, but also a training method often used in various sports. There is no fixed distance, and it is not limited by the field equipment. Each practice or competition is based on the local natural environment at that time to choose the route, determine the starting point and end point.
    The method of early cross-country race is that the organizer doesn't announce the route, distance and destination of the race in advance. Before the competition, people are sent to guide the way, and red and white paper scraps are distributed along the way. Most of them run on rugged paths, climb obstacles, go through the jungle, cross ditches and cross single wooden bridges. The one who reaches the destination first is the winner. The method is to determine the route, distance and date of holding the competition first, and then carry out the competition under the condition of sufficient preparation. Cross country running has become increasingly popular in many countries in the world.
    Compared with the tedious long-distance running on the treadmill, cross-country running can exercise more muscles, and the scenery is beautiful and the mood is naturally better.
    In the field long-distance running, because we need to zigzag forward, avoid the rugged road, the inner and outer thigh muscles and gluteal flexors can get better exercise. In addition, you can also exercise more waist and abdomen, so the effect is to get stronger legs, back waist and abdomen.
    Cross country orienteering is actually a long-distance intermittent race (you often need to stop to look at pictures or Orienteering on the way). This kind of running in the fresh outdoor environment, can make the muscle tension and relaxation, the body's load and mental focus constantly alternate. The whole body of all participants, especially the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, will receive greater exercise.
    No matter how long you travel, you should always carry a map with you. Because the weather on the top of the mountain is always changing, it is easy for cross-country runners to lose their way after a long day's journey. Before climbing, be sure to tell your friends and relatives where you are going and how long you are going. Necessary tools also include: breathable tape, lighter, emergency blanket. The cross-country runner should carry enough water and food in the process of exercise, and the best is high calorie and high-energy, so as to meet the basic supplement needed when getting lost and injured. During exercise, you should replenish water and eat periodically. You can drink pure water and functional drinks, which contain more electrolytes, salts and sugars. It can also be eaten with energy and sticks. So many things, but also at any time to deal with the challenges of various bad weather. Are you ready?

    Successful cooperation case: Jiangsu Wuxi Oubei Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

    Sportswear (decoration)

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    Sportswear (decoration)

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    Sportswear (decoration)

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    Aowei digital printing spring and summer outdoor cross-country sports clothing (decoration), 140-145 grams of professional knitting small star point sports functional quick drying moisture absorption and sweat-wicking sports fabric, can print various personalized computer technology digital high-definition heat transfer printing patterns, features: strong three-dimensional feeling, high-end atmosphere, eye care, comfortable to wear, can provide sizes: XS, s, m, XL, XXL, 3XL to 7XL for cover size, style: wide Digital printing refers to printing the patterns required by customers directly on various materials with digital printer; the color is clear, gorgeous, firm and anti sublimation treatment; while digital heat transfer printing requires printing patterns on special paper in advance, and then transferred to various materials by heat transfer printing, such as: T-shirt, underwear, etc Sportswear, clothing, etc.