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  3. Sportswear, women's fitness sportswear Yoga suit

    Sportswear, Shenzhen Olympic women's fitness sportswear Yoga suit.

    • Model: ydfz
    • Sportswear:

         Aowei sportswear Yoga Fitness sportswear video

         Knitted blended sportswear, yoga suit, functional women's indoor exercise fitness body-building clothing; show the beauty of dynamic women's Yin and soft; wearing occasions: wear when indoor fitness exercise; and;

         Top: 87% nylon + 13% spandex knitted functional sports fabric, light pink four-way elastic close fitting vest;

          Pants: 87% polyester + 13% spandex knitted functional four-way elastic sports fabric, abstract sunflower pattern digital printing 7-point pants;

           Polyester / ammonia blended fabric can be selected according to the customer's order requirements, and the personalized design scheme is adopted; the light pink high elastic waistcoat is cut close to the body, and the pants printing pattern is elastic in all directions; the sewing process is all made of professional imported special seam locomotive, with smooth interface and smooth skin, brand quality; appearance: the color matching is harmonious, natural and eye-catching, and there is no violation of the sense of harmony Sex: gentle and high elastic skin, excellent tensile performance, resilience as before; it is the first choice for smart women who want to keep fit in the new era; the package is made of environment-friendly transparent plastic bag; after unpacking, the new clothes should be rubbed and dried with washing supplies before wearing; when wearing, try to avoid touching sharp prickly objects, so as to avoid the consequences of yarn drawing and fuzzing; support for 7 days without reason By return service;

    Product category: knitting four side elastic;

    Production category: Women's Yoga suit for exercise and fitness;

    Production grade: medium and high end;

    Proofing cycle: 3-5 days;

    Production capacity: 2000 sets / month;

    Processing methods: ① customized version, ② ODM processing, ③ drawing processing, ④ processing with supplied materials, ⑤ logo labeling,

    ⑥ Sample customization; 7) OEM processing; 8) OEM processing;

    Article No.: yjtz;

    Warranty repair time range: according to the quality problems, problem degree, quantity, etc., generally 3-5 days;

    Former partners: Beijing Erwa Clothing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen honghaoyang Clothing Co., Ltd;

    OEM brand: Elva;

    Style: simple and generous, implicit, restrained, sunshine;

    Seamless sewing technology: seamless garment technology;

    Main production fabrics: Nylon + spandex blended four side elastic fabric, polyester + spandex blended four side elastic fabric;

    Processing category: mainly knitting;

    Whether foreign trade: domestic trade as the main, foreign trade as a supplement;

    Whether cross-border export is dedicated to the source of goods: No;

    Brand: Aowei;

    Processing type: ① contract labor and materials, ② clear processing;

    Production cycle: ① less than 300 pieces: 3-5 days; ② 300-799 pieces: 5-9 days; ③ 800-1499 pieces: 8-10 days;

    ④ More than 1500-12 days;

    Transaction information: support online ordering;

    Minimum order quantity: more than 100 sets;

    Unit price: 160 / set, can be disassembled for sale;

    Supply mode: order production, also adjustable goods;

    Unit of measurement: piece / set;

    Available quantity: not capped according to the order quantity of customers;

    Proofing information: proofing price 300 yuan / set;

    Shipping address: Shenzhen

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